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Ladder Safety Training

Course Description

This course is designed to address all aspects of safely using ladders in the workplace. Falls represent the largest single cause of accidental death in the workplace. About 40% of these falls result in falling from one level to another, many from ladders. Many of these falls are very serious but more importantly, could have been prevented had proper safety procedures been followed.

Instruction Time

This course is typically covered over one day in classroom training with instruction taking approximately 3 – 4 hours. This includes testing, both written and practical.

**Please note that all breaks, including lunch, are separate and not included in instruction time**

Compulsory Modules

  • Step ladders, Straight Ladders and Extension Ladders.
  • General Maintenance
  • Selecting the Right Ladder
  • Safe Angle
  • Lifting and Carrying of Ladders
  • Erecting Ladders
  • Securing Ladders
  • Safe Positioning of Ladders
  • Working on Ladders

**Please note WorkSmart Safety Solutions meets OHSA REGULATIONS and CSA STANDARDS**
Every Workplace in Ontario must comply with: OHSA