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A Letter from our President –

Todd Dupuis


This is Todd Dupuis, President of WorkSmart Safety Solutions Inc. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sparing a moment in your busy schedule to read this letter.

As a husband and father, I make sure that every day I have done everything I can to protect my family from harm.

As the President of WorkSmart Safety Solutions, I make sure that every day I am protecting my workers from injuries on the job, so that they may go home to their families.

As your current, new or potential safety service provider, I promise to do everything I can to protect you and your workers. At WorkSmart, we bring to the table a vast amount of experience in a wide variety of industries. We’re confident that through our various services: training, audits, compliance reports and more, that we can ensure that you are compliant and – if you’re an employer – that your workers have been informed.

At WorkSmart Safety Solutions we promise to do everything reasonably possible to help you protect your workforce and your assets. We take pride in what we do and more importantly, we care about your workers.
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Todd Dupuis, President