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Confined Space Awareness Training

Course Description

In this course you we will cover how to effectively recognize the hazards associated with confined spaces and how to perform assigned duties effectively while being in a confined space.


Confined space awareness may be renewed annually.

Instruction Time

This course is typically covered over one day in classroom training with instruction taking approximately 4 hours. This includes testing, both written and practical.

**Please note that all breaks, including lunch, are separate and not included in instruction time**

Compulsory Modules

The following Topics will be covered during this course:

  • Recognition and identification of potential hazards associated with the confined spaces that will be entered
  • Evaluation and control procedures for the identified or potential hazards
  • All equipment such as ventilation equipment (blowers), harnesses and air quality monitors (e.g, Oxygen/combustible meters) that will be used in the confined space
  • All personal protective equipment (e.g. respirators) that the worker will be using while in the confined space.
  • All procedures for entering the confined space
  • Procedures to follow in the event of a situation developing that could present additional risk to the worker or an emergency
  • That specific work to be done while in the confined space

**Please note WorkSmart Safety Solutions meets OHSA REGULATIONS and CSA STANDARDS**